Self Evaluation

This is one of my last assignments on the staff of the gull lake high school newspaper. Overall, I’m so glad I took this class my sophomore year and decided to continue with it, even though I didn’t write what I originally thought I would. I’m definitely not the best writer, but this class did help me to improve my efficiency, wording, and fear of others reading my work. I know my experience from newspaper has helped me when it came to writing for other classes, specifically my college english classes. Looking back I should have pushed myself more when it came to speaking up and choosing tougher articles. I would have improved and been more proud of what I had written. Although, I’m amazed that more than fifty articles of mine have been published on the school paper.

I have not taken the chance to go to MIPA yet, but this year being my last chance, I’m not going to let it go. I have entered an infographic that I’m really pleased with that went with my Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them movie review. My favorite thing to do in newspaper was making the infographics and I wish I spent more time making them, but I guess I got caught up with other things and didn’t take the opportunities. This was a great class to develop my writing and make friends. I’m looking forward to seeing the newspaper continue and grow with more reporters, editors, graphic designers and photographers.


Self Evaluation

This is my third year on the newspaper staff and so far I think what I have written has been some good work. One of the articles I have written was a point/counter point about inexpensive vs expensive movie theatres. My opinion was for inexpensive movies because as someone who goes to the theatre often, it is the better option for my budget. On the other hand Tyler Grosser wrote how more expensive movies offer a better experience. I had this idea on my brainstorming sheet and I knew I wanted to write this article and the side I wanted to take. Watching movies is my favorite activity to do, especially watching it on the large screens in a theatre with a bucket of buttery popcorn. So, that made this article interesting and enjoyable for me to write. I began my article by researching different theatres in the area that most students would choose to go to. I mostly compared M-89 Cinema in Plainwell with Celebration! Cinema in Portage. I wrote about the price difference, location, theatre size, and food prices. My research helped me support my claims because I found that for double the price Celebration! Cinema plays the same movies with same quality as M-89 Cinema. Along with my article I made an infographic on Piktochart, I thought it would offer a visual representation of what was in my article. I was able to show the ticket and food prices at M-89, K-10, and Celebration! to show the differences. I even made calls to the theatres to acquire accurate prices.

I’m not really sure if my writing has improved from this trimester, but since I began newspaper my sophomore year it has helped my overall writing. I have gotten use to the style and format an article has to be written in. It has gotten easier to write an article, although this year I’m juggling a college english class with an EFE and work. I learned to check my email and even to write a professional email. The skills I have learned will not be wasted.

I first signed up for this class because I wanted to write book reviews and I have only written one. I’m not sure why I stuck with the class, but I’m glad I did because I have made some amazing friends each year. Whether it was Kelsey and Annie my first year, Dylan, Sierra, and Maiya my second or Courtney and Sydney this year. I have enjoyed the class even though it is a lot of work and it makes me get out of my comfort zone to interview–which I’m still bad at. My goal for this next trimester is give newspaper more priority, but as I start winter tennis, bowling, and another college english course, we will see how that goal goes. There is still another trimester, but I think the new staff is one of the best. I hope they stay creative and opinionated.