Self Evaluation

This is one of my last assignments on the staff of the gull lake high school newspaper. Overall, I’m so glad I took this class my sophomore year and decided to continue with it, even though I didn’t write what I originally thought I would. I’m definitely not the best writer, but this class did help me to improve my efficiency, wording, and fear of others reading my work. I know my experience from newspaper has helped me when it came to writing for other classes, specifically my college english classes. Looking back I should have pushed myself more when it came to speaking up and choosing tougher articles. I would have improved and been more proud of what I had written. Although, I’m amazed that more than fifty articles of mine have been published on the school paper.

I have not taken the chance to go to MIPA yet, but this year being my last chance, I’m not going to let it go. I have entered an infographic that I’m really pleased with that went with my Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them movie review. My favorite thing to do in newspaper was making the infographics and I wish I spent more time making them, but I guess I got caught up with other things and didn’t take the opportunities. This was a great class to develop my writing and make friends. I’m looking forward to seeing the newspaper continue and grow with more reporters, editors, graphic designers and photographers.


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