Girls bowling earns first win

Freshman Grace Rutz at practice in new uniform provided by the boosters before team pictures. Photo credit goes to Emily Koenig.

Girls’ Bowling at Gull Lake High School had a win min-season on January 7 against Loy Norrix at the Pinz Bowling Alley in Kalamazoo.

“Being our first win as a team, I feel as though it really uplifted our belief in our abilities to bowl and brought us together as a team,” junior Sierra Mason said.

The girls’ team has 12 players, but only seven are chosen to participate at matches each Saturday. Seniors Sarah Fagerness and Abby Simmons, juniors Sierra Mason, Elizabeth Stout and Kelsey Jacobs, and freshmen Grace Rutz and Jordyn Hale all bowled against Loy Norrix on Saturday.

Matches at Airway on February 4, Continental on February 11 and last one at Eastland on February 18. Photo credit goes to Keyshawn Wilson.

“We won because they only had three, while we had seven,” Rutz said. “But, We always cheer each other up, and it’s a fun environment to be in no matter how we perform.”

Girls’ bowling at Gull Lake hasn’t had the strongest record over the last few years, but with the sudden interest this year, the bowling team members said they hope to make a few pick ups.

Last year the team started with four, but sometimes they would have six players at competition.

“Our team last year, although small and pretty terrible; we had heart and fun just like this year,” senior Abby Simmons said.

Girls bowling earns first win



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