Bowling season strikes interest

Mickey Rutz at practice. “I enjoy the sport because it is something you can do well into your adult years.  Unlike football, baseball, wrestling or any other sport that requires physical contact,” Rutz said. Photo by Lexi Warren.

Tryouts were held November 16 and accompanied with a large turn out. Bowling at Gull Lake is a no cut sport, so the girls’ team consists of 12 people, and the boys’ team has 10.  

“I have no idea why so many signed up this year. This is my third year as the girls coach, and this is the highest turn out yet,” girls bowling coach Mickey Rutz said. “I’m hoping it’s because the sport may be on the upswing in popularity.”

So far there has been two matches, one against Portage Northern and the other against Paw Paw.

“We have lost both, but we have a great time while we bowl, whether it’s practice or competition,” senior Jessica Widner said. “We even have our own slogan, ‘one is better than none.’”

This is the first year the bowling participants didn’t have to fundraise for the $40 shirt in addition to the $75  pay-to-play fee. With so many students interested in bowling this season, the boosters are pitching in and buying the shirts for the uniform.

Bowling season strikes interest


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