September 16: Big day for Apple following ‘See You on the 7th’

Every September since the release of the iphone 5, people wait in anticipation for the new iPhone to be released. After countless rumors and speculation, on September 7, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled the details of the new phone and other products at yearly Apple Special Event in San Francisco. 

The phones are available in five finishes: silver, gold, rose-gold, black and a new jet black in matte. In addition, the 7 has a new home button that instead of physically moving is pressure sensitive with new taptic engine technology.

Another significant feature with the 7 is its water resistance. This is the first time Apple has released a water resistant phone. By ditching the headphone jack the phone allows the phone to be thinner and essentially waterproof.

After asking senior Hannah Husainali what other features made her want the iPhone 7, she said that it was the waterproof effect.

“I will probably get it. My iPhone 6 dies seven times a day– I always have to carry a portable charger with with me,” Husaniali said.

With that comes with the most controversial change to the new phone. Now with nowhere to use one’s old headphones there is a Earpods. The new EarPods are almost the same as regular headphones, but instead of plugging into the headphone jack, people connect to the phone from the charging port. They are different than the new AirPods, the wireless and bluetooth headphones said to be available in late October.

Improvement with the camera is another adjustment. It has a new dual action technology using a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera that works with another 12 megapixel  telephoto camera that can get even closer shots.

That feature is what captured the attention of junior Olivia Brierly. So far at Gull Lake High School, Brierly is one of the few with the new iPhone 7. Hers is in matte black.

“I wanted the better camera and louder speakers,” Brierly said.

The popularity of the new phone with soon explode throughout the school.

Not to say that all students are thrilled with the new release. Some would say the phone is overrated.

“It’s probably awful,” senior Nolan Rowland said.

Even with the drastic changes to this latest iphone and the unhappy customers regarding the headphone jack, Apple’s stock is back to $600 billion.

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus were both available for pre-order since that announcement for $649 and $769. On Friday, September 16, the phones were available in stores, but with the hectic pre-order period the products were limited. The iPhone 7 Plus is sold out in all colors and the iPhone 7 is out of the new jet black color.

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