PAC prepares for fall production of the comedic ‘Game of Tiaras’

The Performing Arts Company (PAC) will be presenting “Game of Tiaras” for their fall show on November 11 and 12 at 7 p.m.and again on the 13 at 2 p.m. at the middle school. The script, written by Don Zolidis was chosen by PAC Director, Jonathan Kind.

The first step in any production is finding a script, and according to Kind it  can take weeks to find a suitable script that is feasible to put on in a high school with the limited funding.

Kind began planning the show last spring when he came across the script, and after he was given permission by the administration for the production, he began the dramaturgical work.

Kind spent about sixty hours working on in depth character studies and design work over the summer, in order to assure that  the show was as prepared as possible in the coming school year.

The show is a twist on “The Game of Thrones” with themes from Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and the addition of Disney characters.

As in “King Lear,” the plot of “Game of Tiaras” revolves around the King’s decision to split his kingdom in half, and the battle of three sisters to take the crown and rule the land.

“This show is different from years past because it is actually our first year having a fall show, which is a great opportunity for students that play winter and spring sports,” said senior and PAC member Mikayla Portee. “I think it will really engage the audience and get some great laughs.”

Portee will be playing Ellie, a representation of Elsa due to the copyrights on the name. However the fact that her name is copyrighted will be used as a joke throughout the show as the unique personalities of the characters are portrayed.

The main characters are Ellie, Belle and Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The King and his servant Smeagol, Prince Charming and The French Prince. Ellie is one of the three sisters at the Magical Kingdom along with Belle and Cinderella.

“Ellie is meant to be heartless and bipolar, although she happens to form an interest in Prince Charming and his army,” Portee said.

Auditions for the show were September 13 and call-backs were a few days later. Once the cast was set rehearsals began.

“Every day for 10 weeks the cast is in rehearsal working on their characters as well as memorization,” Kind said. “As the director I am working with actors in small groups critiquing the performances and helping the actors to better themselves in their craft.”

The costuming, lighting, props, set, sound, media, management, and the acting all have to work simultaneously in order for the show to run smoothly.

The rehearsal process includes “fight calls,” that focus solely on the choreography during the swordfights. In addition practice on projection, articulation, and making sure the characters portrayed are what they spent ten weeks preparing.

“It takes literally days and days to get everything ready for the show,” said junior and PAC stage manager, Tova Carter. “A lot of it happens during tech week (usually the week prior opening night) – appropriately nicknamed ‘hell week’.”

The students also prepare everything from the lighting design to set production with the direction of Kind.

“Both actors and tech have done an immense amount of work for this show and it is actually the largest show budget we’ve had,” Portee said.  “We were able to build a full set, paint a mural, and rent costumes and wigs.”

With this year’s group of students being large enough to replenish the company from last year’s graduating class, the fall production has been exciting for Kind.

“We have a lot of young talent both on the acting and technical end of the spectrum,” Kind said.

Tickets for the comedic parody will be sold at the doors. For students, tickets are three dollars and adults can get in for five dollars.

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