New communication process used for daily announcements

In past years, the Gull Lake High School announcements were sent by email to the student body and staff. These were rarely opened and read in class.

This year there will be a new communication process that will be another form of news in the high school.

“Our new format for daily announcements utilizes a ’news feed’ section on the homepage of the Gull Lake High School website,” said new high school vice principal Kris Simms. “The news feed section of the website will link directly with the new Gull Lake Community Schools app, which is scheduled for release at the end of October.”

The app will be made available to the Gull Lake community through major app stores.

Eastman and Simms both said that this new app will link the user to important events and updates that are already on the website without having to browse throughout to find information. It will be quick information along with being on an app.

“Instead of providing news and additional pages of information in announcements that basically repeat the same information, the news feed and app will streamline the communication process,” Simms said.

The news feed will be updated as information is provided to Eastman and Simms from coaches, staff members and community organizers.

“This is a district initiative for all buildings to have better communication and have mobile information as opposed to the monthly newsletter that is mailed home only,” high school principal Don Eastman said.

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