Mason Clancy leads Operation Gratitude Candy Giveback

Operation Gratitude is a program that sends donated items to troops overseas who are battling for our country and who cannot be home with their families over these upcoming holidays. Starting November 8 and ending the 13, candy donations were collected in the athletic office.

The Gull Lake drop off location changed to the athletic office for convenience as it easily accessible for everyone that walk down the main hall.

Student Senate advisor, Lisa Addy said that the operation was planned, organized and put into effect by Mason Clancy, the freshman class Student Senate President.

“I heard about the program last year when a dentist in Portage collected candy for the cause,” Clancy said.

Operation Gratitude has sent to date 164,094 care packages since the start of the program in 2003 according to its official website. This is the first year Gull Lake is participating in the program. The “Operation Gratitude Candy Giveback” is targeted specifically towards the donation of Halloween candy.

“It is a great time because people usually have some left over candy they are willing to donate,” Clancy said.

Clancy’s role is to advertise the program, box up the donations and then mail it to Operation Gratitude who then ships it to our soldiers.

“I think it is very important because I realize how hard it must be for troops not to be with their family, so I respect them greatly for being so brave,” Clancy said. “I just feel the need we all should give back to them because they do so much for us.”

“A lot of people have been involved in donating the candy, so I am not sure who all has been dropping off the candy these last couple days, but I appreciate everyone’s help,” Clancy said. “Those soldiers do so much for us, so let’s try to bring in as much as we can for them.”

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