Inexpensive cinemas provide the same movie, candy, popcorn for a better deal

As a student who doesn’t have an allowance or ask for money from my parents, I have found that I would much rather spend my money seeing a movie at a cheaper theatre. I can see a evening movie at M-89 Cinema in Plainwell for $5, while at Celebration! Cinema in Portage, a single ticket is $10.

Noticing that the price seems to be determined not by the quality of the popcorn, comfort of seats, or cleanliness of the theatres, but by the location.

Attending the movies at Celebration, next to Crossroads Mall is a convenient location and quality theatre. Although Celebration’s prime location shouldn’t be the reason people have to pay double for their ticket and snacks.

More known theatres, such as Celebration, are able to offer discount events like $5 movies on Tickets Are Cheap On Tuesdays (T.A.C.O.) and free movies for children under 12 years.

Smaller theatres such as M-89 and Goodrich Kalamazoo 10, have inexpensive enough tickets that discounts are not needed.

Economical cinemas also offer 3D just Celebration, and those tickets are still under $10. D-Box and IMAX are not at M-89 Cinema, so for a specific movie, seeing it at Celebration or the Alamo would be a great experience, but if you are a regular attendee of the theatre, a affordable location would be a wise choice.

Another difference is theatre size, seating will vary but the screen size and sound quality are similar quality. In addition, smaller theatres have less showtimes, and the movies don’t stay showing as long, but most would take that over paying for cheaper popcorn and candy.

Finally, a “Regular” bag of popcorn at Celebration! Cinema is $6  and a “Super” is 10. With candy costing almost $5 and drinks costing at least another $3, all on top of the already expensive movie ticket, the bill adds up quickly for one person, not to mention an entire family. On the other hand, at M-89 Cinema one can purchase a ticket, candy and popcorn for under $10.

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