Haunted Hallway cancelled this year, replaced by new Fall PAC production

The Haunted Hallway was dropped this year due to a joint agreement between the Middle School administration and the Performing Arts Company (PAC) Director Jonathan Kind.

“There were too many logistic issues in having the Hallway at the High School, and the stage area is currently taken up by a massive set. With nowhere to store the set, we were unable to host it at the Middle School,” Kind said.

In its place, Game of Tiaras will be the first fall production performed by PAC at the Middle School on November 11, 12 and 13.

“It is actually the largest show budget we’ve had,” senior and PAC member Mikayla Portee said. “We were able to build a full set, paint a mural, and rent costumes and wigs.”

With the added show and the large set at the Middle School, there isn’t enough space for the Haunted Hallway.

“Getting students to the high school proved to be the second major issue. In the future we are hoping to continue doing the Haunted Hallway,” Kind said.

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