Gull Meadow Farms celebrates Balloon Fest and Princess and Superhero weekend

After the success of the Balloon Festival at Gull Meadow Farms last year, the owners, Dawn and Dave Wenzel, decided to have it there again from Friday, September 16, through Sunday, September 18.

Friday provided a great start to the weekend. The donut and register lines filled up the market until there were no more donuts left to sell, and the blue skies brought out the crowds as all the activities were open, apple orchards in addition to a DJ and car show.

Saturday brought a rainy morning and cloudy afternoon that kept the farm at an easy pace.

“It didn’t get busy until the balloon glow and when the balloons began their launch. There were hundreds people standing outside, watching the balloons start blowing up and glow,” said senior and three year Gull Meadow employee Sarah Fagerness.

The balloon glow event on Friday and Saturday evening allowed people to relax on the farm and take some beautiful photos of the 15 hot air balloons at sunset.

On Sunday the Balloon Festival festival closed after a morning balloon launch.  

Gull Meadow Farms was bursting with people again on the following Saturday, September 24 with the addition of Pumpkin Princess’s friends, Elsa, Cinderella, Tiana, and not to forget Spiderman and Batman from the company, Once Upon A Princess.  

Pull Quote or in caption – Once Upon A Princess is a character company in Kalamazoo that specializes in parties and events.

“It was fun to see all the kids waiting to see the characters and hearing the kids saying how cool it was,” Fagerness said.

The characters at the farm were dispersed throughout the Pumpkin Lane and Back Forty. Most of the children who came to the farm with their families were dressed up in their own costumes to meet their favorite character.  

“Head to Gull Meadow Farms with the family to see what other events and activities they have,” Fagerness said.

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