2017 Grad Bash faces low participation

“As we all know we did not get to go on 5th grade camp, Mackinac Island, Cedar Point or Chicago like many other classes,” said vice president of the student body and senior class representative of student senate Jessica Beilby. “Therefore we deserve to have an amazing Grad Bash not just to celebrate our accomplishments, but also all the times we didn’t get to spend doing fun activities.”

The 2017 senior class has missed opportunity after opportunity to go on class trips, so the joint effort of the 35 parents on the Grad Bash committee have plans to make the graduation night special.

“We have also suffered the loss of several classmates,” Beilby said, “and a great Grad Bash would be an opportunity to come all together for a last time.”

To be able to have the memorable Grad Bash, the senior class needs to raise more than $35,000. The committee has already run a pop can drive and an apple pie fundraiser. Currently it’s planning a mattress sale on December 3, lottery ticket sales to be announced at a later date and a canvas painting event at the end of November to raise the more.

“The pie sales should have been the big one, but there was minimal participation,” Beilby said. “To put this in perspective if 200 people in the class sold just five apple pies each we would get $10,000,” Jessica Beilby said.

The more money raised for Grad Bash, the more that will be accomplished and the better the location.

“At this time they don’t know how much money we have raised, but there has been very minimal participation from the seniors, so not much money has been raised,” Bielby said.

Early registration for Grad Bash is before January 30 for $75. After that date, prices rise $100 and the sign up deadline is May 5.

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