How do you tell when news is biased

It is not that the news is biased, it’s that the reader is biased. Many think that if you read one thing that they thought was biased they categorize the whole source as biased. People choose where they will read their news based on judgement and influence, whether it’s CNN or a University of Michigan. Journalists have to report the facts fairly without bias, but everyone has differing beliefs and ideas and an article can’t please everyone. Just because you don’t like what is happening or being said doesn’t mean the journalist or source can be blamed for being biased. Criticism is dependent on assumptions, studies show that if you feel strongly for a group like Republican or Democratic that you are likely to see news more biased. When a story was published under a different identity strong Democrats thought the review was in favor of Democrats when they believed it was written by a Democrat. If people think of the journalist as one of them, the news seems less bias.

How do you tell when news is biased Article


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